This article was written by Adolfo Muñoz Torres, local organiser of the Global Goals Jam Aguascalientes.

On September 22 and 23 2018, the Aguascalientes Foundation for Culture, Academy and Sport (FACULTAD, AC), an organization founded in 1998 and certified by the International Youth Federation based in the city of London, England, was host of the First Edition of the Global Goals Jam, and in which 36 people from the academic, private and governmental sectors participated, as well as civil society in general.

The background of the Global Goals Jam in Mexico is very recent, since only two cities participated in 2017: Monterrey and Tabasco; In 2018, 4 more cities were added: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Yucatan and, of course, Aguascalientes. …


Anneke van Woerden

Impact Producing @DSSAmsterdam // Designing @MakersUnite_eu and @unfold_it// into social innovation, design for impact, culture design + sound experiments

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