In an effort to combat the ever-increasing amount of pseudoscience and straight-up garbage permeating the internet and TV/movies in this post-truth world we’ve found ourselves inhabiting, I wanted to create an easily-accessible series that condenses all the great information about various historical and archaeological topics that IS currently available along…

Dude Chilling Park

Today marks one full month since my husband and I arrived in Canada. We’re both born-and-raised in Los Angeles, although my husband is a Canadian citizen and spent tons of time in various parts of Vancouver and Calgary as a kid. Until now, my only Canadian experiences were a short…

This is shaping up to be the first thing in a potentially ongoing series of writing that explores the weird liminal space I’ve found myself inhabiting for the last decade. I am an archaeologist who works in television production and a producer that goes on archaeological digs. I have one…

And this seems as good a place as any! Welcome to the new evolution of my internet presence. From the ashes of the once-mighty Archaeologist for Hire rises…this! It’s been far too long since I’ve written anything and there have been many, many thoughts swirling around over the last few years. Some thoughts are related to my work in TV production, some are about the strange liminal state I find myself in as a degree-holding archaeologist who is not employed as an archaeologist but who occasionally works on archaeology/history/adventure television shows and attempts to navigate the obstacle course that is presenting historically-themed programming to the masses via various companies and networks #toomanycooks

I hope to have something entertaining and educational here, so we’ll see how everything develops!

Annelise Baer

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