Hope you will get a slap.

Due to my workload, I am barely active on my social media accounts. I do not have that much time to read the comment section. A lot of peeps told me that reading the comment section is funny, to some extent, as there are some people who could not respond to a post in a mature way or in a way in which they might take some time before commenting on it. It is rare for me to have a spare time to read the comment section, even comment on it. Thank God this is my 3rd week after summer break, I still have some time to do some recreational activities.

Yesterday, I saw a post about an old man who violates a woman by slapping her face in a car because that woman asked him about his age. Prior to this, the woman overtook his car because she was in a jeffy and the man was so angry that he went out of his car and reached her. One interesting thing is that this particular post saying that “for whatever reason, we shouldn’t hit a woman” (Indonesia: karena apapun alasannya gak boleh memukul seorang wanita). Personally speaking, it was intriguing to see how people tend to have a mindset that “a man shouldn’t hit a woman.” Please note that I definitely go against the violence and never accepted and will never accept any kind of violence under any circumstances regardless of the gender.

I, myself, think that a violence is a violence no matter what your gender is. A man definitely shouldn’t hit a woman, but it’s not because she’s a woman. It’s because she’s a human being and so are we and so is he. This violence is not acceptable, of course, but it’s not a story of a man who violates a woman. Instead, this is a story of society lacking in humanity. It was a story of a man who couldn’t control over himself and ended up violating other human being. Because if we only focus on one gender over another, then we accept the fact that one gender can violate another? Let’s say, a man shouldn’t hit a woman. What if a woman hits a man under any circumstances that are not related with sexual abuse? Is it acceptable? No. It is simply not about your gender.

In English: Just saying, it is not acceptable for someone to violate others because this is abnormal for someone who is mature enough both physically and mentally and he should have known which one is which, whether or not he should slap a woman on her face. However, I am afraid I have to disagree with the wording of this particular caption because it seems to only be focusing on one gender only. I think it would have been better if you wrote: For whatever reason, we should not hit anyone instead of “we should not hit a woman”. Thank you!

I commented on this post arguing over this particular wording in the caption without insisting the owner of this post. But instead, I gave her an advice on how she should’ve phrased her caption. What funny was the fact that someone commented on my comment saying bad things that really contradicts my statement in a passive-aggresive way. I suddenly thought of how I couldn’t see any difference between her and the man who violates that woman. They both violate other people, but in a different way. Savage.

In English: I hope you will get a slap hard and will be spat by an old man whom you do not know, tomorrow.

I turned out that it was not only me who noticed the sentence of this particular caption. One guy actually noticed the same thing as I did.

In English: So funny “[we] shouldn’t hit women”.

By the way, for whoever it was who said bad things to me. Let me answer your statement: “Thank God, I am living in Singapore where violence barely occurs and I never found any guy who slapped my face really hard. Moreover, I am living in a small & warm community Boarding House where I know all the men and the guys who live surrounding me. Think twice before saying something, it might happen to you or even to your beloved ones. And there you go, plot twist.”

If you have a strong argument to contradict mine, it is fine. It is not that I hate the fact that someone contrtadicted my argument, it is just the fact that someone swore to me without even paying attention to my argument.

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