The resurrection of the Shaman

Out of the Winter into the Light …


I love that we are living in a time period of big changes! We really live in a special time where there’s much becoming transparent, healed, and transformed; things are starting to bloom… Our thinking and perception of reality are changing immensely. We are becoming more conscious of ourselves, the world, the essence of life and are increasingly making other choices, out of connection, out of Love.

Old Souls

Most Lightworkers, old souls as they are, more or less remember their lives as a healer, oracle, witch, high priest, or such. They’re still connected to this ancient Shamanic Energy and not seldom have they had many lives in which they played the role of a condemned outcast or worshipped demigod and everything in between. I know I had mine.

In reality, there is no time, and all these experiences are still here to tap into, to heal, and to work with …

It’s All in You!

All that we are and where before, in all the lives we lived, all our experiences are here today. Nothing has ever gone lost, neither has anyone for that matter. Life, consciousness, expresses itself constantly, endlessly like a mosaic of time filling in a library of information where every detail is stored. We call these the Akashic records. You can connect to this knowledge about yourself and communicate with it. What do you want to know? What do you want to heal? And most of all; What do you want to use Now, empowering the Light that you are? The answers are all in you!

Living Your Best Live

So now is the time to heal yourselves, old souls, to complete an ancient circle, and go beyond! Be the Lightworker that you want to be, that you’ve always wanted to be in all of these ‘paranormal lives’. You are here now in this time of ascension to experience how you can fully be yourselves, feel safe, and thrive, for yourselves and for others. Yes, you can do that in this lifetime.


You made the decision to come into this world where you will no longer be a stranger and have to fear for your life but to flourish; to no more hide and feel weak but to express who you are and what you have to offer to the world. Now it’s playtime! You will be welcome, you will be heard, you will live your passion, your mission, and receive the abundance you desire. Be yourself, follow your Joy and tap into your spiritual guidance, and most of all: Trust your Greatness. Thàt’s the resurrection of the Shaman; or what I call: “Coming Home of the Witches”. Can you feel it?

Read More next week …

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Being Different, Children, Self Expression, Spirituality, New Earth and Creating your Reality

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Annemaan - Art&Magic

Annemaan - Art&Magic

Being Different, Children, Self Expression, Spirituality, New Earth and Creating your Reality

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