An open letter to Democrats

As support for Senator Sanders continues to grow I can’t help but notice that the wealth of misinformation so does too. Everyday commentators take to the internet posting their remarks on one article or another.

While some of the remarks are very well researched, others are inexcusably inaccurate.

I realize that many of the opinions are regurgitation of fallacies published by what passes as a reputable news source, and others are posted to misinform a select audience in an attempt to sway those who may not have bothered to fact check for themselves.

Either way it is becoming blatantly obvious that many are beginning to understand the reality of Senator Sanders campaign.

To those Hillary supporters receiving their information solely from mainstream/corporate media — SHAME ON YOU!

I all too often read comments declaring an admiration for Senator Sanders followed by “but I will support Hillary because we can’t let the Republicans take the White House”, or “its too bad Bernie is unelectable.”

In case you hadn’t noticed Senator Sanders message is resonating with American’s across both party lines, and is rapidly gaining momentum.

To those who are consistently concerned with voter turnout in the general election should Bernie lose the primary- YOU SHOULD BE!

For there is no other candidate who is inspiring such a renewed sense of democracy and interest in the political process as what Bernie is accomplishing.

We are tired of establishment politicians, pandering, and corruption. We want real change!

If Mrs. Clinton wins the primary due to an unfair advantage such as the CORPORATE MEDIA BIAS, DNC favouritism, and antiquated laws which disallow a candidate from appearing on a ballot- You better believe that Hillary will not win the White House.

Not because supporters of Senator Sanders wish to enable a Republican victory, but because NO REPUBLICAN WILL VOTE FOR HER, and those of us so disillusioned with the inequity of the process will probably stay home, as happened last fall.

There are far too many people who will support Mrs. Clinton based on gender.

Is it not apparent that this type of mindset lends credence to the far rights notion that Liberals vote based on ethnicity, gender, etc. And not on the actual agenda/ policies of the candidate?

When the media is expending an extraordinary amount of energy diminishing the one candidate who is perceived as the most significant threat to the status-quo; do you not understand the relevance of that candidates message?

I am not here to bash Mrs. Clinton. I just want EVERY Democrat to know that beyond the mainstream media is a wealth of information. It is only withheld from those who willingly choose to ignore it.

If after you have listened to Bernie, researched his track record, read through alternative publications including the comments sections, and still feel that Hillary is your candidate; based on her values and agenda. Great!

You are however doing yourself and your fellow American’s a great injustice if your primary concern is to elect the first woman President and not the very best person to lead this country.

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