Bernie Sanders: Finally! The candidate for everyone.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the political thought processes of American’s today. One only need look at the history of American politics to evidence this truth.

When a man who would have epitomized the very word Democrat only 50 years ago, is now considered to be extremely left of centre; you know there is a problem.

When the majority of citizens would not only benefit, but also wholeheartedly agree with the agenda of a candidate, yet they are clinging to labels that have distorted their very values; this is a problem.

It is very disconcerting to me, to hear anyone identify themselves as a Democrat or a Republican, for these are political ideals, and as history has proven, there can be drastic shifts in the core beliefs of these ideals.

When the future of a nation is dependent on its citizens, I personally find it extremely irresponsible for those citizens to be so ill informed that they would rather vote against not only their own interest, but the interests of the nation because the notion that a political affiliation is their identity.

Bernie Sanders is a candidate worthy of the Presidency. He has rekindled a passion for the democratic process unlike any politician I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. His message resonates with the majority of Americans, it makes absolute sense, and most importantly it is definitively based on the principles for which this country was founded.

Yet largely in part to media influence, and this misguided sense of identity prevalent in the American people, this moderate candidate who represents what America could and should be, has been largely minimized.

His message and popularity are gaining momentum and I truly believe that when the American people really hear Senator Sanders, research his political career, and realize his honesty, integrity, and genuine passion for them and this country; he will be unstoppable.

The time has come for every one of the citizens that Bernie Sanders is fighting for to stand up and be heard!

Start thinking about not only your own future, but the future you envision for your children, and their children. Does this country belong to all of its citizens, or just those who can afford to buy the agenda of those in power? Is there another candidate who will be “by the people (and most importantly) FOR THE PEOPLE?”Is there ANY other candidate who has been as clear, concise and forthright in how they plan to implement their agenda? Is there another candidate who has such an impeccable record of fighting for the issues that are most important to the majority of Americans with an unwavering determination for the last three decades?

I am positive that anyone who reflects on these questions, and commits to finding the truth in the answers; that they too will do everything possible to ensure that in 2016 the nation will be addressing Senator Sanders as President Sanders.

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