Letter to The DNC

Re: Democratic Primary Debates

July 8,2015

To: The Democratic National Committee

Attention: Debbie Wasserman Schultz

I am writing to express concern for your blatant disregard of the democratic process. Despite having been delivered petitions containing more than 200,000 signatures to date indicating the people’s desire to increase the number of debates, you remain defiant.

We rightfully view your defiance as an intentional attempt to hinder the candidates campaign efforts in favour of your chosen nominee. Your actions are not only causing divisiveness within the party but are effectively ensuring a Democratic upset in the general election.

Your complacency has become increasingly apparent and is fuelling a backlash that you may not have anticipated.

Senator Sanders chose to run on the Democratic ticket so as not to split the vote and hand the Republican Party a landslide win. His was an honourable decision that has been met with anything but honour in return.

Six debates do not afford each of the candidates the opportunity to present their agenda, nor does it afford the electorate the opportunity to make an informed decision based on the issues for which the candidates stand.

Further, you have stated that any candidate who debates outside of the sanctioned platform will forfeit the right to participate. This is a travesty to the political process and is creating an unfair advantage to the only candidate who benefits from an ill- informed base and whose victory would be achieved solely on name recognition.

In closing, I submit that the actions of the Democratic Party are not representative of “We The People.” If you continue to remain complacent you will be accountable for the ensuing defeat and will only have yourself to blame. I will not bother to waste the time collecting signatures, as it clearly has no impact on your agenda.

Anne McBride

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