posted August 21, 2018

Photo by Asif Aman on Unsplash

I’ve been away. The trajectory of that trip, instead of revitalizing me, took me into a place that is behind the door, wants to stay quiet and hidden, protective, thoughtful or introspective, though I’m not introspecting at all, like everything is on pause, the film frame in a perpetual state of inertia.

I know something, but I don’t know what that is. Maybe the continual study into Presence, the moment of now, is finally coming to roost and I simply don’t recognize it.

I have spent a lifetime pondering and thinking and ruminating and explaining and giving up and giving in. Maybe, I’m done. Maybe, the moment has arrived when I can finally step fully into me…Me…ME…the I AM PRESENCE…whoever she is…

I think this presence is not so much a reaching up as an allowing in…an opening up to receive an expansion of awareness of something else. It isn’t only me. We all have this calling. The Voice is just a unique expression in each one us.


I’m here
I’m listening
I’m waiting
I feel you
I sit at the door
quiet and still

A long time
you have watched
you have listened
you have waited
for me to pay attention
to be quiet and still

I want 
to be with you
to see you
to hear you
to feel you
to know you

I reach out
slide my fingers
beneath the door
lay on floor
peer through the slit
see the light
where you shine

I feel your fingers
brush mine

My heart opens
a tiny crack

August 20, 2018