Why I hate the word content.

Are you content with your content? Probably not.

I really don’t like the word content.

con·tent — 1. Something contained, as in a receptacle. Often used in the plural: the contents of my desk drawer; the contents of an aerosol can.

Content is something that fills a box.

The word content is thrown all around — referring to the words and pictures and videos that fill a website. Even HBO calls their programming content.

What’s the problem with one little word?

Content commoditizes creativity.

A “content producer” sounds like a factory worker.

A beautiful design, great video, compelling writing or a stunning photo all take emotion and heart. When I write for a client, I put myself into the project.

Heart takes commitment.

Heart takes time.

Heart costs money.

And in the whole business vs. art in the design and creative fields we can’t forget that we are indeed selling things — products, services, entertainment. We have our research and our demographics and our sales funnels. But what really grabs people?

How a product or service makes them feel.

How can we use words and pictures and music to evoke feelings in the hearts of people?

Heart. ❤

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