What is College?

College, what exactly is it? When people as me how is it; it’s great a lot of fun, lots of work. When people ask where’ Cedar Falls Iowa. But it’s the “what” that I think explains college the best. College is great times, with great people some you might have met just that day. It’s making your 100% own choices, many, sadly, not the best at the time, but the stories that come after will make you happy forever. College is class that you forget about homework, you struggle through many all nighters and work hard to get the best grade you can, while never actually getting a good grade. College is sitting in dorms watching your friends try and kill each other (either in video games, or real life) while eating your 12 bowl of instant mac and cheese the week. It’s feeling as though you have years to do something then five minutes later not having enough time to breath. And through all of that having the best time of your life... so far.

For me college is a love hate relationship; the days we are n love I never ever want to leave grow up or even see my little niece (aka the love of my life). The days we hate each other are days that even my best friend is safe, I sit in my room up to my neck in homework I don’t understand, no food in sight, and a blood boiling right behind my ears ready to blow for what ever reason it was that day.

Next semester is a new start, and I am ready to make the best of it. Everyone's goal should be to do better next semester, and I would be no different. By the end of next semester I want to say that I went to more then 96% of my classes to ensure the best sucsess I can, I would say 100% but I tend to get very sick in the spring. By half way through the semester I will join at least one extra curricular activity, so I can become more involved and meet new people. And, along with every other freshman, I want to beat the freshman 15. But, with a twist, i wish to make my freshman 15 go negative. Fitness has always been a big part of my life and this year I have strayed, so by the end of my freshman year I will have lost the pounds I gained from the rialto, as well as 5 pounds more.

Judging from this past semester I am in for one hell of a ride these next 4 years. Also judging from this past semester, I am going to love, almost, ever second of it. I can not wait to see what Cedar Falls, and the University of Northern Iowa has in store for this girl.

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