An Experience That Happened To Me.

I want to tell you about an experience that happened to me. It occurred almost a week ago, but right now it’s stewing in my mind.

Everyday I drive to work, and everyday for almost two years I get hit with the same traffic jam at the same spot. It’s about a stretch of 500–1000 metres. Where a few big city lanes merge onto the expressway. We all have our places to be at that hour, and we all happen to need that same silly stretch of road at the same time.

When I first encountered it, it sucked! Riding bumper to bumper, like the novice driver I was. But after a good year slugging through it I learned that I was created what was called an “artificial traffic jam”. Basically: as I inched close up to the bumper of the car in front of me, taking every desperate inch I was afforded as fast as I could then stopping, I was sending a ripple effect through the rest of the cars behind me. I was part of the problem.

So I matured as a driver and adapted to a much simpler routine. A slow consistant flow, avoiding braking where possible, this allowed myself, and everyone behind me to cruise like the tortise, slowy and steady, but actually undercutting the hareish times I was putting up before.

But a few weeks ago I encountered a person behind me who was not a fan of my technique. He rode up aggressively on my bumper and I could see in my rear view mirror, a true disdain for my behaviour reflected.

There is another thing I should point out: I like to sing and dance while driving. I am a huge music fan and for my entire life my body can’t help what happens to it when music is playing. If I could see myself from a distance I’d probably be so embarassed I’d never listen to a song again, but luckily, I can’t. So I continue on, enjoying my music in my car like the fucking fool I am.

So there we are cruising through the slow stretch. Me: Literally grooving. Him: Upset at my existence. We: make it through the stretch it record time. After which I engage my normal driving speed: Pretty dang fast.

He switches lanes when he can and accelerates, topping my measly speed of 130km/h. He cuts closely in front of me and then get this: He mocks my dancing! I can see him in front of me, mocking the way I jiggle around in my car while listening to a favorite song. It kind of hurt to be honest.

But then I took a few deep breathes, within a minute or two he was off on the exit he needed to be at so desperately. Onward to something else to get irrationally angry towards.

Guess what I did? The next song was really good so I continued to jiggle and sing like the fucking I am.

What funny lives exist out there.

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