Listening I Am

Originally published at on June, 2011

I don’t have much to say today. I am listening. I listened to my not so little bundle of joy cry out every hour on the hour last night. I listened and wondered. Two year molars? Tummy ache? Hunger pains?

Starting at around 5:30am this morning I listened over the monitor as my 6 year old rummaged through his legos.

At 6:30am my perky kitty started to meow.

The birds that had started around 4:45am had since gone back to sleep.

At 7:00am I listened to my coffee pot steaming and thought that I should probably get out of bed.

The kids started chattering, fighting, laughing. Breakfast was munched very loudly. The rain began to pelt my front windows. Dishes clanging into the dishwasher. Water running. Music playing.

I listened today and I discovered sounds I had never heard.

While playing outside there was a moment when all was still and it was magic listening to the neighborhood wind chimes.

At another time my ears where accosted by small kindergartners experiencing their first school BBQ, not quite sure but oh so excited. The giggles were oh so enchanting.

Later in the day as my not so little bundle of joy laid down for a rest I listened to my house. My stove top begged to be cleaned and my bathtub argued with it for my attention.

After dinner we walked up to our grocery store and I listened to the stories of the day. I listened to the clouds teasing me with their rain. I listened to the dogs bark and listened to the buses go by.

I didn’t have much to say today. Probably beyond tired. But I forget that these days are the premium days. I soak up so much about my world.

I am hoping for a better night’s rest. But if I happen to hear the birds at dawn I will turn over, close my eyes, wish for sleep and listen to their rhythmic tunes.

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