Don’t Give Yoga Up Just Yet!

6 Reasons to Continue doing Yoga

Maybe you started running on the treadmill or even lifting free weights to get fit again. Obviously that’s still great ! Exercise is key to living a full and healthy life, so no matter what your method is, you’re doing your body well. Yoga though is special, as it exercises not only your body, but also your mind. There is a mind-body connection that exists within all of us, all of the time. Exercise can have the best results in achieving this connection, however Yoga specifically approaches the mind and body’s well being by using ancient techniques that have lasted for millennia. If you’ve tossed Yoga from your weekly schedule for whatever reason, here are a few reasons why you should stick it back into your weekly, or even daily routine.

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1. Yoga Promotes Personal Reflection

There are a few moments in any individual’s day that allow for personal reflection to take place. With work, school, family, socializing, and even TV constantly getting the most out of our allotted daily hours, it’s difficult to find a moment to give to yourself. A daily, or even weekly Yoga routine allows for personal reflection in even the busiest of days.

2. Sweating

Maybe you stopped attending your Yoga classes and traded them in for the treadmill and weights. Maybe you didn’t. If you’re not doing any exercise, it’s important that you do something that keeps you active and sweating. Yoga guarantees you a chance to break a sweat without the need to drive to the gym. Just one hour of a relatively smooth Yoga routine can burn up to 500 calories.

3. Convenience

You don’t need to hop into your car and head to the gym to do Yoga. You also wouldn’t need to bundle up as if you were to go on a cold winter run. Yoga can be done right in the comfort of your own home, easily, comfortably, and quickly.

4. Building Strength

Holding poses and certain stretches can put you on a fast track to stronger muscles. If you’re aging, research shows that Yoga can even increase bone density in older individuals.

5. Alleviating Stress

Exercise reduces stress levels in general. Yoga has proven techniques to reduce stress levels through deep breathing techniques and positioning. About six weeks of consistent yoga practice can stimulate endorphins in the brain, reducing overall anxiety levels.

6. General Health Benefits

Yoga positions and breathing techniques are great for general health purposes. The practices can treat blood pressure, muscle tensions, migraines, constipation, gastric problems, digestion and even help manage diabetes. It is truly a multi-purposed exercise.

Yoga is by far one of the best workouts an individual can perform in order to stay healthy and in shape. It can be easy, cheap, and extremely convenient. If you’ve given it up in the past, stick with it. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t hold a certain pose, or perform a particular technique; I guarantee that with time, you’ll manage to master it. I assure you, your body and mind will thank you.

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