Saturdays are for the girls, like it or not

I work 60 hours weekly. So do many other girls who are hustling out there. On top of that, I volunteer my time with my sorority and functions around the community.

Trying to avoid feeling overwhelmed with it all, I asked my boss one day how he stays sane in doing it all. He suggested that it is essential being intentional about making time for things that matter outside of your career. I took his words to heart.

I started dedicating my Saturdays to the things that make me feel alive. Not that my career doesn’t but I need to feel like a normal human. Every Saturday morning, I wake up and make myself a wonderful cup of coffee and read non-academic readings, a novel or the NYT. This is followed by a day with the girls.

Saturdays with the girls is a day that anything is allowed. Anything is possible: coffee, mani & pedi, day drinking, day drinking while binge watching football, day drinking while exploring the city, cooking classes, shopping, or simply hosting one another for a meal. Saturdays are for the girls.

In typical misogynistic fashion, boys that think the Saturdays are just for them! Time to bust that bubble.

I get it-you need a day to run around to reduce the insane amounts for testosterone you’ve accumulate from the week. You need a day away from the responsibilities of being an adult and/or sometimes your romantic relationship. Well guess what, we do too. As amazing as you are, girls need girl time too.

You are not the only ones who feels overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being career hungry and putting in the long hours. You are not the only ones that need time to let loose and forget the notion that if you aren’t working you are slacking. Girl time with no sense of responsibility and laughter.

The fact that you think that Saturdays belong to you and you only is just again a fine example of a misogynistic mind set. So for the love of God, please get over yourself. The same rights you have are the same rights girls have.
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