12 The Most Important Things To Do When You Are Young
Max Lukominskyi

I completely agree with these and would add two things: 1) get and stay in the best physical shape that you can, and 2) have a child as soon as you can.

Being in shape: I’ve been in and out of shape. I enjoyed life more, and was able to experience more, when I was in shape. I’ve been injured a few times, now permanently, and would not be as functional now if I had been in bad shape when injured. Your warranty expires at age 40, btw.

Having children: I’ll bet no one has recommend you hurry to have kids! Over the decades, I’ve observed people have kids at all ages and in all situations. You will never have enough money, be prepared, or be in the right place in life to have them. However, you are more physically capable of taking care them while also working and doing everything else when you are young. And, you’ll appreciate having someone visit you in the nursing home. Caveat, skip having kids if you actually don’t ever want them, or have some kind of personality disorder.

To those who say you need money to do the things in this article:

I traveled a lot of the world with little money. I got a student loan and studied abroad through a program called ISEP. Many countries have special (I.e., cheap) deals on hostels, trains, etc., for students, unlike the US. Just make a budget and a plan and take the leap. It was super incredibly awesome and I had experiences all will always remember. And, yes, I’ve known a number of people with small children who did the same and took them along.

As far as starting a business, just set up an eBay shop. :)