You are not America. America is US.

The beautiful thing about the US is that it’s a rainbow. People of different races, national origins, gender, sexual orientation, belief systems, lived experiences have been thrown together, by birth and circumstance, in the land of opportunity, and it is already great. We, diverse Americans, working together, come up with better ideas, products, services, and ideals than any of us could on our own.

As many others have stated, America isn’t great in spite of its diversity, but because of it. If the current political administration willfully misunderstands and denies this, then it’s up to all of us to get loud and assert the truth.

America is all of us.

“The diverse White House I had worked in became a monochromatic and male bastion.”

If you’re not terrified that the highest levels of government have gotten LESS representative of America and Americans, you’re part of the problem. You (any individual, any single group) don’t get to decide what is American and what is not. We reach that by consensus. WE are America. America is US.

I don’t need to be Muslim to know that a Muslim ban, by any name, is wrong and diametrically opposed to the American principles I believe in.

I don’t need to be transgender myself to be enraged that the current administration has decided that trans people don’t need or deserve special protection.

Up is not down. Wrong is wrong. It’s important that members of targeted groups (Muslims, Jews, immigrants, trans people, LGBT people, women, who’s next?!?) feel supported, protected, and loved.

So stand up and speak out. We need to stick up for our neighbors, ourselves.

Hug each other, march together. Vote with our wallets.

I just donated money to the Transgender Law Center and the TransActive Gender Center in Portland, Oregon, because I will not do nothing as America is aggressively and regressively rewritten.

You, white men in the administration, are not America. America is US.

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