This is a super sad time in America. We had 8 years under a progressive, forward thinking president. In spite of the obstructionist Congress, we made some great progress as a country. Giant strides in clean energy, consent decrees with local police forces around the country, and the Affordable Care Act are the first things that come to my mind. This administration also understood that being free to live and believe is a personal choice, and that trying to force your belief system on your neighbor isn’t the right thing to do. We were beginning to breathe.

The evangelicals were not happy campers. They decided to cry “Persecution” because women wanted to control their own bodies and receive equal pay for equal work, Black Lives Matter, gays could now marry and have health insurance for their families and transgender folks finally joined the conversation on equal rights too. I’m not sure why gay and transgender persons offend them so much or how they are persecuting Christians, except that they boycotted Chic Fil Et, messed with a Miss California for personally believing that marriage was between a man and a woman, and tried to force the Catholic Church to provide birth control to employees and in their charitable health services. I didn’t boycott Chic Fil Et, I’m in a traditional marriage, and I believe that the Catholic Church can stand where it stands on birth control. Also, don’t keep saying that seeing a nativity scene or hearing Merry Christmas offends you. That’s just stupid and annoying. (I’m so glad I got that off my chest!😊)

There is a reason for separation of church and state, at least in my thinking. There are millions of people living in these United States and the differences abound. We cannot govern this country according to one principle or ideology, we must govern for all people.

Now we have a bunch of elected officials governing on behalf of Evangelical organizations. The “Church” even has a political agenda! (Aren’t agendas self seeking?) Anyway, I thought that freedom of religion meant freedom to worship God without persecution, and that separation of church and state meant that the church didnt interfere in the government and vice versa. I guess I’m wrong about that. Apparently freedom of religion and separation of church and state is the church businesses contributing heavily to political campaigns, getting their choices elected, (by whatever means necessary) and proceeding to use that leverage to coerce elected officials to govern according to their interpretations of the Bible. (Has anyone ever counted how many protestant denominations there are?)

I used to be an Evangelical Christian with fundamentalist leanings. I still believe in the faith, but I don’t believe in the “Church” anymore really. I love Pope Frances though, and a lot of Evangelicals are “good people.” Its just that some that I have known for years have exposed their dark side. I can’t like them anymore.

And that makes me sad. 😢