Never Read The Comments
Sarah Adler

Hey Sarah,

That was an extremely hurtful thing that the person said about you and your position. I’m not sure if the commenter was aiming at you being a female, but I do see a low blow targeted at your choice in degrees and quite possibly your age. The person may be feeling a little surprised and possibly ashamed that he/she hasn’t accomplished as much as you have and at your age.

Here’s the thing: It’s okay to stop going to college. College is an option, and it’s okay to decide that this REALLY EXPENSIVE program just isn’t working for you. “Dropout” is a really shitty term to use when someone decides to stop going to college. You don’t call someone a “drop out” when they leave a supermarket cashier job. You don’t call someone a “drop out” or a “quitter” when they get out of a bad relationship. A person moves on from a thing and looks for something better— end of story.

As for the last comment, from Drake, which claims that a person like you could never lead a technical team, I see it as a mark of a butthurt employee with poor people skills. Being a CTO is much more about how you handle relationships with clients and coworkers than your ability to win hackathons for revolutionary code. The mark of being a leader is often being humble enough to hire people who are smarter than you. The last commenter would probably be a terrible fit for a leader if they believe skill is all it takes to be an effective and amiable leader.

Hold your head up high. You’re probably a CTO because you worked your ass off for it.