A Partner

A partner.

10 settembre 2016, 19:13

Beijing Airport

If you are traveling so much like me or if you’re just a loner like me,

you are with yourself a lot.

You can be happy, meeting and connecting people — but still alone.

To be alone makes you strong, because mostly you are setting out with yourself.

After a while you get used to it. You love the independence and the freedom.

There is still the wish to share though.

To share life — with a partner by your side.

To be alone makes you strong, but also untouchable.

To be alone keeps you careful. No one has your back.

Intuition becomes your best friend, your protector and your companion.

To be alone can also seem arrogant. You are becoming confident. You are not depending on other people.

Alone, you don’t follow norms or conventions — your life is too valuable to adjust to other people’s plans.

This is what makes you untouchable.

To find somebody who takes you how you are seems almost impossible. 
After many disappointments you decide to stay on your own, again.

Eventually, if you meet somebody who takes you as you are, somebody who can get things out of you you thought were gone, and who is not scared of your ego, nor see a problem in your desire for freedom, somebody who’d rather be inspired by you, and who can tell you when you’ve crossed the invisible line, then you know you have found your partner for life and there is no way you should ever let them go.

by #annevoyage