We are hunting something. Maybe bears. That was a common animal we ‘hunted’ when we were six and seven. Sometimes porcupines, sometimes beavers. It was 42 years ago and I can’t remember. I remember the important part. That we were on a quest.

We are walking through the woods of our family summer island. Very Wes Anderson, before there was a Wes Anderson. Myself, my sister and our third cousins Trip and Gillette are playing in the pines, walking the trails. Our family has had this island for 100 years. It is filled with the mysterious and the epic. With stories. Of our ancenstors and how it came to be ours. We know all this as we walk along. I love this place. And I love these people. They are the only people I want in my world. We are small. Their little faces, with blue or green eyes and blonde hair. I am the exception. I have red hair and blue eyes.

We keep walking. And then, suddenly, streaks of rainbow light zip right in front of us. They look like the tracers you see from doing mushrooms. They are in clusters and look like they are trailing after a person.

I look over at Trip. He is rubbing his eyes. What was that? He asks. No one else saw it. “Did you see that Annie?” I did. We keep walking. I know it was the first time I saw energy. I believe it was the energy of something not ever formed as human or animal, not a ghost.

He and I never talked about what we saw. His life has been challenging. And sometimes I feel like my cousin who saw things with me doesn’t exist anymore. Having the ability to ‘see’ comes with a sensitivity that can be dangerous. Because of other events in his life, I feel like parts of him are gone. I miss him.

The island is still very mystical. Where the ordinarily seen and unseen connect. Years later my sister and her husband reported seeing orbs of light at exactly that spot on the island where we saw the entity years ago. And a newly married family swears she woke up and a ghost was looking at her. The way she described the spector was exactly how Harry Whiting Brown looked. He was my ancestor who bought the island. I like the idea he knew about the magic of the place and looks over us.