Theme Development, Plug-ins and other functionality

�\ؔH.I’m giving a presentation on WordPress to our local Web Developers group in a few weeks. In the past I’ve given 60 min. talks geared towards users, but this is aimed at a more technical audience. I’d like to cover installation, theme development, plug-ins and other functionality, but I also realize that 90 min. isn’t really enough time to cover the breadth and depth of the WordPress Codex. So I want to focus on whatever points would be most useful to a Web developer (someone comfortable with HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP) who is about to do his/her first WordPress site.

If you’re thinking about using WP and haven’t yet, what would be helpful to you? Or if you’re already comfortable with WordPress, what do you wish someone had told you before you did your first WordPress installation? Thanks for your input!

In return I received 13 answers suggesting topics including:

§ Security

§ Search Engine Optimization

§ Parent/Child Themes

§ Theme Frameworks

§ Spam prevention

§ Hosting Requirements

§ Theme Customization

§ Client Training

§ Categories

§ Plug-ins

Trying your hand at a little Web development work? The task probably seems pretty daunting, as experienced developers are typically entrenched in a sea of scripting languages that make the layperson wrinkle their eyebrows in utter confusion. But hey, anyone can do it if they set their mind to it — and if you set your mind to learning one language at a time, it’s more than do-able for the average tech enthusiast who has an ample amount of fortitude.

Fortunately, the same technology that has made Web development such an essential part of the world today has also made it possible for skilled development gurus to share their tactics with the world at large through blogs. And there are plenty of developers who have chosen to share their hacks and tricks for the benefit of newbie developers. We’ve rounded up 25 of the most useful resources for beginning developers which include tricks, step-by-step instructions and a plethora of other essential information. Most of these blogs talk in easy-to-understand language, so even if you’re not up to par with developer lingo and you’re trying to figure out how to code a specific project, you can probably follow along. Listed in no particular order of importance, here are 25 blogs we suggest for beginner developers. Oh, and a little bonus section with five useful tutorial sites.