2–19–16 God saved His people through Esther

This week, we got to continue our exciting story of Esther. The Bible passage came from Esther 5–10. The main point is that God used Esther to save His people.

The big picture question: Does God keep His promises? Yes, God is always faithful. Our unit is “God the Provider” and it is so good to know that God is our provider and He is always faithful to keep His promises.

Our class went to 4 stations:

For the 1st station, GREEN class got to make pencil sceptors. We reminded the children that Esther and the Jews prayed for 3 days for God’s help. Esther was afraid, but she went to see the king. When Esther saw the king, he extended his scepter and we see that God was faithful, and still is today!
Then, we had an extra fancy snack time. We reminded the children that Esther invited the king and Haman to a feast. It was at the feast that Esther revealed Haman’s evil plan to hurt the Jewish people, but God was in control. He used Esther to save His people!
Next, we went to the next station: Video and “Who Am I?” — At this station, the children watched the Gospel Project Video and answered the question “Who am I?” They did a great job remembering the characters in Esther 5–10, and the sequence of events!
Lastly, we did a fun and active scepter relay!
We warmly welcomed Levi’s cousins Julia and Sam to our class with welcome gifts!

It was a wonderful time of fun and interactive stations! Green class is doing a fantastic job! It is such a delight teaching your children!

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