10 Keys to Creating a Bestseller

Steve Harrison and Jack Canfield unlocked the keys to creating a bestselling book. Here they are:

Compelling Concept

A way to make a concept compelling is simplicity . Get one key idea or publishing proposition. One key iead is a one-sentence statement that tells you about the book.

If you can’t find your one key idea, try doing these:

- just start writing
- write ideas as they come
- spread those ideas in many books instead in one book

Catchy Title

You’re an author when you tell the world you are.


Preach to the choir first. Know the people who will love your book.
Example: Chicken Soup for the Teenagers Soul — audience is teenagers (choir)

Chapter Hooks

Create publicity books in your book.

Connective Writing

Tell stories; have emotionality.

Counter a Myth

Myths that people want dispelled.


Rich Dad Poor Dad — “Your house is not an asset”
E-Myth Revisited — “Entrepreneurs who just rely on themselves are not entrepreneurs”
The 4-Hour Workweek — You can only work for 4 hours


Photos or forewords of famous people; even stories.
Make it easy for them. How? Prepare a foreword or testimonial that they can edit.


Invite them on your online community by asking for their email address.

Jack Canfield’s practice is to have a “blowing card” — a card that’s inserted on a book. Readers can put their details and send back to them.


Traditional Publishers
Publish on Demand
Hybrid Companies


Just do it. Get yourself in the position to take action. Whatever it takes.


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