What if the Canadian Summer was the name of an internship?

You’d get a Cover Letter like this :-)

Anneyé Blanco
Oct 10, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear Ms./Mr.,

I am a new Canadian citizen and a Cuban expat. My own decision to become a citizen of this great country came not only from my socially and politically dissident views towards my homeland but also from my opposition to the eternal, burning summer I had to endure for over 20 years.

My first graduate seminar at Concordia University, in late August 2014, gave me an insight into air conditioners as a most valuable resource in learning enhancement. I was fascinated by the effect of the cooling device while studying in classrooms and cafeterias, as well as that of less used spaces (for my part) such as the Webster Library and the SWG lobby.

The multiple readings, literary analysis, and research conducted in my air-condition-less, “greenhouse-like” apartment, provided me with a deeper understanding on how Cubans suffer a double marginalization in terms of political and natural climate.

Having been myself part of this vulnerable group fostered my interest in Canadian Summer studies, and, consequently, in potentially pursuing a doctorate related to this field in the future.

I am particularly interested in conducting research that focuses on the Canadian Summer’s bipolar issues, i.e., its disappearance for several days and relentless mood swings for no apparent reasons.

My primary goal is to continue undertaking fieldwork that supports and analyses Canadians’ efforts in enjoying summer at its maximum despite the constraints mentioned above.

I believe that this internship will provide me with the necessary tools to hone my research and analytical skills in this field.

Thank you for your consideration.

Anneyé Blanco
Ph.D. in CU Summer

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