What is Grief?
Ted Rheingold

Thank you again for my almost weekly reminder that we all need to be grateful for every day we have here. I say weekly because it seems as if your posts are coming more often, which I take as a good sign that you’re feeling better. Your vacation spot looks amazing, and as if it could heal you just by being there. I agree, I’ve worked with oncologists for years, and oncology nurses wondering how they could pick such a hard speciality, knowing the enemy they face with their patients. But thank whatever higher power you have faith in that they do! And most are lovely, bright people who are also excellent dinner guests ( my brother in law is an oncologist). In closing, let me send you a random pic of silly dogs to make you smile.

Axel has 3 legs. His dad takes him to the park in the bike bucket so he can conserve energy to run around.

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