Your issue with other girls is your own insecurity
Kris Gage

Where can I enroll in the E Course on how to be a cool girl? I ask because I resemble some of your observations…I think I’m pretty good at covering up what a needy fuck I am , but maybe not so much.. I blame my parents… or maybe it’s the time I spent in foster care, not knowing when and if my parents were going to rescue us, that makes me so like an M&M… hard candy shell with a sweet, bad for you inside..whatever the case, I appreciate real talk, and I will be reading and re reading this till I internalize the message..Cool girls are cool, because they handle their biz, aren’t love dependent, and most importantly have enough self love ❤️ that they can carry on , instead of secretly gnawing their fingernails over when the lastest fuck boy decides it’s time to breadcrumb them. You are my spirit animal , and I want to be you for Halloween. Rock on with your bad ass self, and keep writung, cause it’s cheaper than therapy, and it keeps me from letting my needy fingers do the texting .

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