Just Keep Me Where The Light Is — An Abortion Story
Melissa Kimble

You articulated your experience so beautifully… so many of us have had to make that decision, in either direction, when it has to be made, is never easy. I feel your pain, having made the decision myself, to go through with the pregnancy, with a man who wasn’t well equipped to be a father , and many hard years were endured. And I was 29, professionally employed, and white… all factors that on paper should have made it so much easier. Your writing illustrates so beautifully that this issue is complex, and fraught with emotions, and unfortunately still 99% a woman’s problem. I commend your courage , your writing , and I hope some day you’ll have the right set of circumstances to bring a child into the world. Because you seem like you’d be a great mom. Namaste, and keep writing!!!

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