Incredible! As of 2016 I’d been doing academic technology in higher ed for 7 years without actually ever having taught a course.

(Academic technology work in higher ed is an umbrella term: most of us in the profession do some combination of project management, consulting, and instructional design.)

Instructional design (ID) once was my favorite thing, the thing I loved to tell instructors about. I had formulas, templates, heuristics and advice…and then I taught a course.

The whole thing. I wrote the syllabus, I defined the late work policy, I set up the Canvas site, the course schedule.

(Canvas is…

Sometimes bullets are the best choice as a slide design. Often, though, they can detract from learning because students can’t read and listen at the same time.

Here are 5 alternatives to the traditional bullet points-based slide design. You can use #unbulleting to improve the slides-assisted lecture experience for students.

Assertion-evidence structure

Place a statement at the top of the slide and use the rest of the slide to visually prove the assertion. Don’t be afraid to write a complete sentence. This structure lends itself particularly well to charts and graphs.

Assertion-evidence technique. Popularized by Michael Alley, Joanna Garner and colleagues at Penn State.

Text-based treatment

Carefully selected words to act as a focal point for a…

Ann Fandrey

Academic technology leader working to transform teaching and learning in digital environments

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