How (and Where!) To Pitch Your Writing

This is a way more readable version of this thread on Twitter.

How do you craft a good pitch?

Several editors (and former editors, including yours truly) have the following tips:

  1. Pitch a human being. Most editors are on twitter and their email addresses are pretty accessible if you google around a bit. Do not pitch to a “” address unless you want your pitch to disappear into the trash heap. Also, media turnover is real. Double-check that an editor is still at the publication before you pitch them.

Now, where do you send your stellar pitch?

A few ideas:

*NOTE: Please do your own homework before pitching any of these editors! All of these calls for pitches are public, but some might be outdated.

  • Fusion Voices: “longer, more considered essays and narrative features from progressive writers.”

Once you’ve gotten the assignment…

Remember that editing is a collaborative process. So don’t get your feelings hurt when your editor suggests changes. And don’t be too precious about your words: It’s the editor’s job to make sure your work a good fit for their publication. If you want to retain 100% control, self-publish on your own website or Tumblr or Medium or whatever.

Also, share the wealth. If you found this post useful, please be generous with your contacts and information in turn. This is not a zero-sum game. All writers benefit when we (and editors) are open about the pitching process.

Additional resources

Because I’m not going to keep updating this post, look to the following people/places:

Low-maintenance ladyswagger.

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