11 Design Ideas to Decorate Your Home


The Gothic inspired design offers elegant and intricate forms on furniture pieces and interior itself. This opulent and chic style uses dark colors, rich textures, solid materials and noble upholsteries (velvet, silk). Intricate elements provide additional opulence and stately air to the furniture.

Gothic Inspired Designs


Pretentious and luxurious, Hollywood Glam style has the tendency to create a noble, opulent and abundant space. The dramatic features make a bold statement and emphasize the wealth and richness. With a little flair of Victorian style, Hollywood Glam uses plush upholsteries with decorative elements like welt trim and tufting. The color palette ranges from purple and black to red, burgundy and turquoise colors.

HOLLYWOOD GLAM Furniture & Interior


Classic silhouettes, noble upholsteries like velvet, leather and silk, solid wood construction make the traditional furniture style the solution to decorate the classic inspired rooms. The design of the furniture is characterized by abundance of moldings, intricate details, and other decorative elements.

Traditional Design Ideas


Designed to emphasize the nature, the rustic design offers handcrafted furniture pieces with distressed finish in natural hues. The main characteristic is that the “rustic” furniture is made of natural materials, like wood, bamboo, wool, cotton, paper, etc.

Rustic Interiors & Furniture


This iconic style is known for its unadorned design and minimalist shapes. Mid-Century Modern tends to use natural wood in its construction and warm finishes. The solid colored upholsteries are used to emphasize the “raw” design with few ornamental elements.

Mid-Century Modern Inspirations


Durable and reliable furniture in Mission style is characterized by wood construction in distressed and/or stained finish. Simple lines, wood grains and plain textile are supplemented with iron or copper elements to please those who prefer natural materials and unpretentious look.


With a minimalist look, Scandinavian design presents simple, functional and contemporary furniture made of natural materials. Simple elegance is adorned with clean lines and use of painted or natural finished wood. The soft color palette uses white, light grey, light green, blue and other neutral colors.

Scandinavian Design Ideas


Exposed brick walls, concrete, steel and glass combination, distressed wood… all these elements create a look of crude materials and rough surfaces. The furniture looks harsh, worn down and/or recycled. This style is great to transform the modern interior into factory-inspired spaces, lofts and old buildings.

Industrial Style


Simple in its form and destination, modern style of furniture presents clean lines, modern materials (like metal and glass) with light color palette from white to gray and beige. The style with geometric shapes is perfectly supplemented with “cold” upholsteries and textiles (leather, PU, vinyl, faux leather).

Modern Style & Furniture


Looking like a modern style, contemporary design in furniture presents the same simple elegance, crisp silhouettes and geometric shapes. Colors vary from neutral colors (e.g. black, gray, white, chrome) to glossy finishes.

Contemporary Design Ideas


Streamlined design, simple furniture, solid neutral colors and the minimum of decorative elements are the distinctive features of minimalism. The absence of embellishment allows avoiding clutter, while making the space airy and visually larger.

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