11 Sofa Styles for Every Home (with Pictures)

From the mid-century and Chesterfield to the settee and sectionals…

Most sofas are classified by modern, traditional, and casual styles. But there are various designs that suit various spaces. To know what they look like, read this overview to choose your perfect sofa.


One of the popular sofa styles, the Chesterfield design is in fashion now.

This design is characterized by deep tufting with button accents. Usually the tufted design is seen on the back and arms, but there are models that contain it on the seat cushions as well. The rolled arms have the same height as the back for a one-of-a-kind look.

Upholstery is often leather that adds sophistication, although there are models with high-quality leather match.


The easiest way to define the cabriole couch is to check out its design. If its back is curved and the legs are graceful and elegant, it is cabriole sofa. As a rule it features inseparable back and arms of equal height, but some models come with low-profiled arms and high back.

This sofa design takes its roots from the 18th century with an inspiration from Louis Philippe and Queen Anne furniture.


Featuring clean-lined look and minimalist design, this couch is strictly-designed to decorate modern and casual space.

With a cool and straight appearance, this model features rectangular-shaped seat and back cushions as well as slightly tapered wood legs.


Looking great in traditional and casual designed rooms, this sofa can also work in contemporary space, as there are modern versions of this model.

A bent (or arched) back is the main peculiarity of the camelback sofas. Reaching a higher point in the center, the back smoothly descends into the elegant arms.

Graceful wood legs along with decorative wood elements on the back and arms can be featured in this sofa type.

English / English Roll Arm

The English roll(ed) arm (or English sofa) is characterized by low rounded arms and a high back.

Loose seat cushions ensure amazing comfortable to sit for a long period of time. The back cushions are usually tight that means they are not removable.


A petite sofa designed for two people, the loveseat can also have cabriole, English or mid-century, etc design. They are great as a couch in a small living room, if the space is limited. Another function of loveseat is that it can serve as a part of a living room/sofa set.

The only disadvantage of the loveseat to my mind is the small dimensions, so it’s impossible to stretch out on it.


The chaise (known as chaise lounge as well) means long chair created for relaxation. Popular piece of entertainment furniture, chaises are an essential part of any refined living room or bedroom.

They can have contemporary or traditional shape, and sometimes includes pillows for a lumbar support. Some chaises are equipped with one or two arms, but others have no arms at all.


Looking like a wide chair, the settee is a petite sofa or loveseat. Ideal for small spaces, this furniture piece offers seating space for two people.

The difference between settee and loveseat consist in their style: settee is more traditional-designed and narrower than loveseat. It is graceful and sophisticated; it often features a straight back with decorative elements, aprons and nail head trim.


An integral part of small living rooms, the daybed is a bed and sofa all-in-one. By day you can use it as an ordinary sofa, but by night it transforms into a bed.

The daybed is similar to a chaise, but usually features a long back with arms on each side. It’s a perfect solution as an additional sleeping space for your overnight guests.

Sectional Sofa

The sectional is a versatile and multifunctional sofa consisting of several elements; loveseats, armless chairs, chaises, ottomans, etc.

The main configurations include L-shape (or sofa & chaise), U-shape and modular sectional sofas. Modular models are arranged in various configurations. L-shape designs are great for small rooms, while modular and U-shaped sectionals can be placed in large rooms.

Convertible Sofa

A stunning and versatile sleeping solution for unexpected guests, convertible couch is a sofa that can be transformed into a full-fledged bed.

The modern furniture market presents various types and models of convertible sofas, from futons to sleepers and pull-out sofa beds. So the mechanisms of transformations vary slightly. But the high-quality sofas will serve you for many years under normal conditions.

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