5 Tips to Make a Small Patio Look and Feel Bigger

Use every square inch of you patio completely even if the space is limited. With following tips your small yard or patio, as well as apartment balcony will become the place for total relaxation. They help to improve the potential of any small space and make your summer rest unforgettable!

1. Simplicity

A tiny patio shouldn’t be overcrowded! It requires simple and practical furniture pieces with neutral colors and textures.

Avoid mess and disorder when furnishing balcony or sun deck. You can add two chairs and compact dining table or two loungers and coffee table to use your patio for dining and lounging.

2. Good Layout

You should find what fits the small space best to use it efficiently. Splendid sofa set or luxurious dinette set will look too massive and inappropriately.

Thus choose the models that fit the shape and layout of your patio. Square or round tables tend to make the space geometrically correct and symmetrical, while rectangular models work perfectly in narrow areas.

3. Functionality

Convertible and folding furniture is the solution if the patio space is small or limited. Versatility is your friend, so use multi-functional furniture pieces that can be folded or transformed. They can be stored in a closet when not in use, thus adding function and flexibility to your small patio.

To save more space, use folding models of tables and chairs for extra seating if you have more guests than was assumed.

4. Use Indoor Space

To make your yard look bigger you can visually extend it with the help from the indoor space. Leave the windows and doors open and your yard become the extension of your home.

To make the outdoor space looking homier, use outdoor area rugs and indoor-outdoor pillows. They will create a faired connection between patio and indoor rooms to make it more spacious.

5. Add Accents

To define the space you can add decorative accents. When designing small patio, decorative elements should be functional and practical. For maximum function, use hanging lamps and wall planters instead of torchiers and massive vases to save the ground space.

Make your recreation more relaxed and add a hammock or hanging chair to your outdoor space. An outdoor umbrella is another useful accent. When folded, it takes little space, but offers great function to protect from the direct sunlight.