Bedroom Set Buying Guide

If you have no time or desire to purchase the furniture to your bedroom separately, the bedroom set is the perfect solution. First of all, it saves your time from endless searches; secondly, it allows creating the balance and harmony in your space, because all pieces are perfectly combined with each other.

When purchasing bedroom set you should keep in mind various things, from the budget to room style and furniture size.

1st TIP!

Draw up a realistic budget before purchasing. Bedroom set is a substantial purchase, so take into account all nuances.

2nd TIP!

Consider the size of your bedroom while shopping. Measure the space and do not forget to take into account the placement of windows, doors, etc. It helps you to avoid the problems with furniture arrangement.

3rd TIP!

Decide which style fits your room best. It allows creating the perfect room settings and calm atmosphere in the bedroom.

Bedroom Set Types

Usually there are 3 main types: basic, expanded and customizable.

Basic bedroom sets usually include three or four furniture pieces: a bed, a nightstand, a dresser and a mirror (can be optional).

Expanded sets contain the basic ensemble with several pieces like a chest of drawers, additional nightstand, a bed bench, a wardrobe or armoire, a vanity set.

Customizable bedroom suites are truly convenient — you can choose what furniture pieces you really need in your bedroom. It allows you freedom of choice, especially if your room is of non-standard size.

As a rule, this type of sets includes the bed as the obligatory piece and other furniture items are optional.

Size of the Bedroom

When furnishing your room, keep in mind that the bedroom’s dimensions dictate what furniture pieces you can add. If your space is small, look for a basic set consisting of three or four pieces.

A large bedroom easily accommodates expanded set or even customizable suite to create the space of your dreams.

Style, Color and Design

Depending on your preferences, you can find variously designed sets from rustic, to Gothic and Scandinavian. But the most common are following: contemporary/modern, traditional, casual/transitional, mission and mid-century modern.

mid-century modern

Purchase a Mattress

When purchasing the set, do not forget to buy mattress, as most bedroom sets do not contain it. To find the perfect one, remember the general mattress sizes.

Size ____________Width x Length

Twin/Single _______39" x 75"

Twin XL __________ 39" x 80"

Full/Double ______ 54" x 75"

Queen ___________ 60" x 80"

King/Standard ____ 76" x 80"

California King ____ 72" x 84"