Cabinet Bed vs Wall Bed

A full-fledged bed always occupies much of valuable space. However, if the room is large enough for a usual bed, or if there is a spare room, some people want to utilize the space for various intentions — as an entertainment room or home office. Certainly you can use a futon or sleeper sofa, but they’re not as comfortable and perfect as full-function bed.

Thus, Wall bed or Cabinet bed is a perfect alternative! They provide the same comfort as an ordinary bed, but serve as functional and space-saving solution in restricted space.

At first, let’s find out, what do they like?

· A wall bed (or Murphy bed) is designed to be stored against the wall. It is usually located inside of a wardrobe/closet being hinged at an end.

Murphy Bed

· A cabinet bed is a free-standing mobile furniture piece that hides a full-sized bed. It folds several times to be placed inside the cabinet.

These compact sized and space-saving beds both have benefits and shortcomings. However, they are more adaptable and convenient when being compared with sofa sleeper or futons.

Let’s find out what are the differences between these models and clarify their pros & cons to make a right choice.

Cabinet bed is a perfect option for any small space; when not in use, it composes the bed surface as small as possible. When the bed is stored folded, it resembles a buffet or dresser and serves to hold TV unit or knick-knacks. Simply pull out the doors and the bed frame unfolds to create a bed surface.

Cabinet Beds

Cabinet bed works in spaces with low and high height ceiling, due to its compact size. This easy to install model has the less expensive price.

The mattress is kept inside being folded up, so it can be uncomfortable if you prefer a special-purpose mattress. As the mattress is attached to the bed, this is not possible to change it on the other model. One of inconvenience is the regular removal of the bedding when folding the bed into the cabinet. For daily use, cabinet bed is not much comfortable, but for casual usage, its value is exceptional.

A wall bed is a perfect option for a full-featured bed with flexible design. Being an ideal replacement of an ordinary bed, it is stored against the wall and folds out creating a full-size surface for sleeping. There is no need to take off the bedding every day, as its construction allows the bedding to stay put on when bed folds up.

Murphy Bed mechanism

Great for dual-use rooms, wall (Murphy) bed incorporates a desk, shelving unit or an exterior resembling a cabinet (when the bed’s up).

Featuring many benefits, wall bed is not easy to set up and install than cabinet bed. As a rule, you should drill into the wall for attaching the frame. These models are more expensive, but their space-saving functions cover expenses. Murphy bed isn’t the best choice for renting, as it cannot be brought to another apartment if you decided to move.

Cabinet beds as well as Murphy beds are convenient and functional furniture pieces great for both everyday and occasional usage. Now when you know the benefits and disadvantages of these models, we are sure you make the right purchase.

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