Choosing a Dining Table Set: Tips for Practicality and Design

Everyone knows that table and chairs are an integral part in the arrangement of the kitchen space and dining room.


So, how to choose a kitchen table and other dining room furniture? There are several criteria that should be adhered to:

The table and chairs should be comfortable.

Beautiful dining sets can be inconvenient and impractical, and it will lead to disappointment from the purchase. A good option is a spacious table with drawers or shelves. Wide chairs with armrests are also a convenient choice for the kitchen and dining room.

Take into account the dimensions.

Choose the size of the table and chairs that fit your space. If you have a small dining room, a table that seats 4 people is the best option. With a large area of ​​the room, you can choose model that accommodates 10, 12 or more people.

A dining set should be ergonomic for a person.

Chairs with an ergonomic seat repeating the human body allows perfect dining experience. For convenience, an adult needs a space of 23–28 inches wide. Remember this, when choosing a table with chairs and arranging them around the room.


To ensure that the table lasts long, choose only high-quality dining and kitchen furniture. This type of furnishings has durable materials used and good assembly.

Modern tables are often made of wood, glass, veneered MDF and chipboard.

Wood is the most versatile and traditional option. Dining set from the solid wood perfectly harmonizes with the space in any style.

The glass table will become the base of the kitchen in loft style, high-tech or minimalism. The glass countertop should have a thickness of 0.4", if it is a single piece. If we are talking about inserts — then at least 0.3".

Veneered MDF / laminated chipboard are a standard inexpensive option. Such tables look almost the same as wooden ones, but their design is more concise and minimalist because of the lack of decor.


The dining table should have companions — chairs, which will harmonize with the design and color of the table. Chairs should be reliable and practical. It’s important that they are made of hygienic and easy-to-care materials.

Wooden chairs are the main trend for furniture in classical style.

Chairs covered with leather or vinyl, with chrome frames perfectly fit into modern kitchens and dining rooms.

Plastic chairs made of acrylic create an interesting “invisible” effect, and are perfect for a small kitchen.

Dining chairs can have hard seating (made of wood, metal) and semi-soft or soft seats. In the latter cases, the upholstery is often made of microfiber, vinyl or leather.