Creative Lounge and Dining Chairs by Hans J. Wegner

Renowned as Danish furniture designer, Hans J. Wegner designed, elaborated and produced more than 500 various models of chairs. He changed the view of people on the lounge and dining furniture with more than 100 models of chairs that are popular among customers.

His style blends organic design with functionality, the modernist look with accent on stylish comfort. The furniture by Wegner blends form and function — a chair becomes not just a furniture piece, it becomes an accent piece, a work of modern art.

Wishbone chairElbowWingShellSignature… Many of his chairs are famous and recognizable icons of furniture design. They feature appealing look with sculptural lines to add a bold accent in a variety of room settings.

Certain online stores offer high quality reproductions of the original chairs created by this illustrious designer. Let’s found out these models to create a perfect decoration for our homes.


One of the famous lounge chairs created by Hans J. Wegner is Wing Chair. This accent chair offers the serenity and harmony of elements.

The CH445 model designed in 1960 presents a fully upholstered base built on a solid beech frame. The seat rests on stainless steel legs for a combination of colors and textures.

Hans J. Wegner’s Wing Chair


This classic piece of modern art is internationally recognized. One of most iconic accent chairs, the Shell chair is also known as Smiling chair due to its arched design.

The wing-like lines and “smiling” curves rest on a three-legged base. Designed in 1963, The CH07 Shell Chair has celebrated the 50th anniversary.

Shell chair is also known as Smiling chair
The iconic CH07 Shell Chair was designed in 1963


This dining chair is also known as CH20 chair. Designed in 1956, the stackable Elbow chair was introduced in 2005 for the first time. It presents a simple look with low-back design and horizontal seat. The master experimented with molded veneer. As a result, the seat is constructed from eleven layers of molded veneer for amazing stability. As an option, the seat is leather or fabric upholstered.

Stackable Elbow chair with low-back design was introduced in 2005 for the first time

Fashionable and creative reproductions of lounge and dining chairs by Wegner can be named differently from the original models. But stunning design with rich organic style remains the same. These reproductions remind us of world-known and highly-talented furniture designer — Hans J. Wegner.