How to Create a Bedroom of your Dreams and Won’t Become Bankrupt

Step by step you can transform your existing bedroom into the bedroom of your dreams and don’t become bankrupt. Budget-friendly space implies that you don’t need to completely change the room settings immediately. You can add furniture items and accents bit by bit and create stylish interior step by step!


Choose furniture items and decorative accents that blend with your existing bedroom’ style and palette.
To highlight key points and add more color you can mix solid finishes and textures with bright accents and patterned rugs or bedding.

Choose Plush Headboard & Bed Frame

You can save your money on bed if you choose the frame and plush headboard instead of the bed itself.

The full-fledged bed can be too massive and solid for small-scaled bedroom. The combination of the frame and headboard will make your space look lighter and airier, and simultaneously provide your sleeping place with soft support to read or watch night movie.

Add Ample Storage

Storage furniture provides any room with great functionality. Various chests of drawers, double dressers, petite nightstands, media chests, lingerie armoires and compact closets add comfort and organization.

The variously-sized drawers, compartments and shelves will keep all bedroom essentials like clothing, footwear, bedding, valuables and accessories neatly. These storage pieces allow avoiding mess when you search a pair or bracelets or favorite dress in the morning.

Replace Your Bedclothes

Bedclothes is the perfect (and the easiest) way to change the look of any room. I think that bedding is the face of any bedroom, as it sets the tone for the space no matter its style.

Intensify the current look of your room with new comforters, duvets and pillows. Differently-patterned bed linen can add bright accent or deep texture to the interior.

Add Stylish Lighting

The lighting serves not only to illuminate the space. It is a smart solution that provides enough artificial lighting and doubles as decorative accent.

You can easily intensify your interior by adding chandelier-inspired ceiling lamp. The wall lighting provides soft atmosphere, while floor lamp in the corner creates stylish ambience and cozy reading nook in your bedroom.

Put a New Area Rug on Floor

An area rug in the bedroom is the guarantee of style, warmth and comfort. It gives warmth to cold floors, allowing you to feel softness when you walk barefoot.

The diversity of sizes, textures and colors to accommodate any space make any bedroom look cozier and snugger. Which one to choose? It depends on your preferences, but I recommend choosing shag rugs, as their texture is mind-blowing!