How to Create a Productive Home Office

The greatest advantage of working from home is the freedom to organize your home office. You can design and arrange your space in accordance with your desire.

One of the main requirements is to not unite the place of work with your personal space. It means you should create a functional and productive home office space to get the best result in working.

These 6 tips will organize your home office and make your work more productive, yet relaxed.

Find the quietest space in the home.

If you have a lot of space you need to consider which room would be better for your home office. It should be the room with a minimum noise and distractions. The room should provide enough space for all furniture pieces, equipment and supplies. Required quantity of wall outlets and ample lighting is also very important.

Get the best computer and office equipment.

Office equipment has an influence on your productivity. Any technical equipment in your office should be top-notch. Computer, printer, scanner, UPS, etc. upgrade the productivity. So provide your space with the best computer outfit you can afford.

Buy quality and functional furniture.

Choose only quality products when buying furniture for home office. You don’t need to suffer from back pain or have problems with your posture. Ergonomic chair and desk is the way to diminish the problems with your health while working.

Do not forget to measure your room before purchasing. The desk or credenza that satisfies your taste or fits your budget may be too massive for your home office.

Remember that function is more important than appealing look. Happily, contemporary furniture can be not only functional but stylish and attractive as well.

Find a place for storage.

Surely you have to store documents, stationery and other office supplies. You may keep it on the desk but it would clutter the top surface, disturbing you from the work. So the solution is to store the office essentials in a cabinet or bookcase. For great organization you can hold the documents and extra supplies in drawers or on shelves by type.

Provide proper seating support.

With tons of work to do, your health and safety suffers. Thus, the proper ergonomically designed office chair assists your health. A good chair adjusts to your posture, supports your back and spine allowing comfortable work the entire day.

Add more lighting.

The lighting is another essential part of home office. The working area should be illuminated properly.

It is much better if the room has windows to provide natural daylight. If there are problems with daylight illumination, use lighting fixtures. A proper desk lamp will illuminate your working surface at night or on overcast days. Properly chosen general lighting allows avoiding vision problems. If the lighting fixtures include dimmer switches, it would be better, as you can control the light’s amount.


It goes without saying that disorder in home office delays your productivity. Piles of documents, extra papers, various folders, coffee cups, multitude of pens, etc. prevent you from working process. This stuff distracts your attention and concentration from productivity. To avoid this hold only current projects on your desk and/or sticky-notes with the info what to do.