Leather Sofa Buying Guide

Zahara Black Leather Sofa

Leather furniture is a big investment, so its purchasing requires comprehensive consideration. What aspects you need to find out before you purchase leather sofa?

Leather is the most popular covering that is used in sofas manufacturing. But with the variety of textures, coatings and grains presented, the right choice is confusing.

Remember, that real leather is a product of a natural manufacture. It means that it is durable, time-proof, warm and unique. Each hide has its own individual characteristics, so there cannot be two similar products.


Various types of leather are used for furniture manufacture. What to choose depends only on your preferences and budget.

Full-grain is the top layer of the hide. It is characterized by its durability and moisture resistant options.

Mia Bella Ciras Leather Mansion Sofa by Michael Amini

Top-grain is alike to full-grain. The difference is that the top layer has been buffed and polished to reduce the small defects.

Oregon 2 Premium Leather Sofa by Nicoletti

Bonded is not real leather, as it is made of pieces of hide. They are blended together to create a seamless covering. Bonded leather is sleek and durable, so it is great for sofas in high-traffic areas.

Lux Sofa | Black

Bi-cast leather is known as bicast, bycast or PU as well. It is shiny split leather that is finished on top with a polyurethane coating.

Leather-match is the method of combining real leather everywhere you touch (the seat, back cushions, arms) with vinyl or PU on the side and back panels, and the cushions’ backs.

Pendu Double Reclining Sofa | Black

Aniline (also known as pure or full aniline) is soaked in aniline dye. This soft material is not treated with other pigments or finishes.

Semi-aniline leather (known as protected aniline) features a thin top coat on the hide that allows the material to be better protected against wear, fading and stains.

SOHO Sofa in Black Semi-Aniline


Also do not forget to consider other options, like frame construction, manufacturer and store reputation.

Frame construction should be durable and stable. It’s better if the frame is composed of solid hardwood not allowing it to split or warp. The corners must be reinforced to provide strength to the frame. Only high-quality accessories should be used.

When choosing a leather sofa of high quality pay attention to several basic aspects:

· Quality leather is breathable. Touch the sofa — it heats up quickly from the heat of the hand, while poor quality material remains cold.

· High quality leather does not become deformed. You can check it. Just sit down on the sofa for a few minutes, and then quickly stand up. The leather should be smoothed out instantly.

· Strong and even seams. The holes from the needle should be almost invisible; otherwise the leather will be ripped up at the seams.

Care Instruction:

To protect your leather sofa, keep it away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Excessive heat or sunlight causes fading and dries the leather out.