Mattress Buying Guide: Classification & Advices

Comfort 14" Pillow Top Mattress

A good mattress isn’t a cheap purchase. But it should be remembered the comfort during the night & health depends on its quality. The right model provides a healthy sleep, allowing you to cope with the feeling of fatigue & irritability.

Not only comfortable sleep but your health depends on a proper choice of mattress.

Magniflex Magnigel 9 Mattress
Magniflex Toscana Cotton Chic 8 Mattress
Do not try to find the perfect one, they do not exist and there’s no one model that’s sure to please everyone.

Before purchasing, you need to know how to choose the right mattress. This information helps you to find the right one in accordance with your budget and needs. Various factors must be taken into account.


The quality of the mattress depends on its “filling”. The most common are the spring models, but they can be different. There are also models that do not include springs at all — they provide elasticity with other materials.

A progress in furniture industry allows the modern buyer to choose different types. They are crafted from various materials including traditional steel coils, polyurethane, memory foam, gels, water, and more. Each type has pros and cons, and depends only on your demands.

Spring mattresses are the most known type. They have one or more layers of metal spring coils to provide great support.

This type can be with dependent and independent springs. In the first case the springs intertwined with each other, and in the second — each spring is situated in a separate “pocket”.

Spring mattresses

Regarding convenience, mattresses with independent spring are more comfortable, as the spring isolated from each other better adapt to the shape of the body.

Springless mattresses contain a block of artificial or natural fillers, as well as a variety of high-tech synthetic materials.

Springless mattresses


Traditional fillers such as polyurethane foam (foam rubber), padding polyester, wool, and modern fillers like latex or coconut fibers are widely used. Consider the most common fillers.

Polyurethane foam is a material that has a good air permeability as well as high elasticity.

Latex foam is known for its cooling properties and comfort. Furthermore, latex is hygienic and provides good support for the spine.

Memory foam is durable and reliable. It is viscoelastic foam whose cells look like small springs, which are compressed under the influence of body weight. Memory foam comfort layers provide great support, body contouring, and pressure relief.


The firmness affects how well you sleep. The deflection rate depends on sleeping position, height and weight. For various sleeping positions different level of firmness is required.

Firm: This type is created for those who prefer to sleep on the stomach. It would be ideal for those who suffer from back pain. Due to its firmness, it keeps your back in a stable position without sinking into it.

Gold Bond Mattresses (Firm)

Plush (Soft) is suited for side sleepers. This type of mattresses relieves pressure from your spine allowing your body to take its natural position.

Gold Bond Mattresses (Plush)

Medium is best for people preferring to sleep on their back. This level of firmness provides additional back support.


When choosing a mattress, don’t forget about such parameters as height and weight.

People of average bodily constitution may choose a mattress of any degree of firmness, depending on their preferences. Heavily weighted people should choose the firm models, while soft mattresses filled with latex or independent springs are great for thin people.

The models of medium firmness with independent springs are a perfect solution for two. If one of the partners turns all night long, the second half of the surface remains motionless.

Remember the mattress size should match the size of the bed — it shouldn’t be too short or hang over the edge.
Its size must be at least 8 inches more than your height.
The width of the single mattress is on average 32 inches, double — from 63 inches.
Pic.1 iComfort Insight EverFeel Mattress / Pic.2 iSeries Expression Firm Mattress


Most models are designed to last approximately 8 years.

Here is the approximate time of lifespan:

Pillow top — 7 years

Innerspring — 8 years

Memory foam — 10 years

Latex — 12 years

The right mattress allows you to achieve the perfect night rest. Let your sleep be comfortable!

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