Sleeper Sofa Buying Guide

Sleeper sofa is a functional and convenient alternative for small rooms to accommodate your friends and guests if you have no spare room. It is an ideal choice for any room with a limitation in space — use it in dorm or guest room, living space, bedroom or even kid’s room.

How it works? Sleeper sofa looks like an ordinary sofa but includes convertible mechanism. A guest cannot even consider that it can become a bed to rest and sleep. It serves as a comfy coach during the day to watch TV or communicate with friends. When the night comes the sofa position transforms into bed.

Sleeper Sofa Transformations

To avoid the problems when purchasing a sofa bed, follow this guidance to find the perfect sleeper.

Choose the right size.

Measure the available space to place the sofa when it’s folded and when it is fully extended. Remember the not all sleepers have standard sizes, they are usually equipped with full, queen or even twin size mattresses.

Check the mechanism of transformation.

The mechanism should be convenient, safe and reliable. A good sleeper should work without sticking, squeaking or cracking. Ensure the smooth opening and closing when you are pulling the mattress out.

Pic 1 Diamond Bonded Leather Sofa Sleeper Red // Pic 2 Regata Sofa Sleeper | Escudo Black

Inspect the frame.

Make sure that the frame is made of kiln-dried hardwood as it is the strongest and most reliable wood that is used in furniture manufacturing. Kiln-dried hardwood allows avoiding the warping and cracking.

The frames constructed of soft types of wood such as pine are not so durable and will not serve a long time.

Choose the upholstery.

The covering material should be long-lasting and steady to wearing-off. For luxury look choose upholstery such as velvet or nubuck. Leather or PU material adds contemporary flair. Remember that the high quality upholstery does not become deformed and serves longer, but its price is higher.

Pic 1 Imperial Comfort Sofa Bed | Lyon Brown // Pic 2 Novak Black Leather Sofa Bed with Pull Out Trundle

Check the mattress.

A proper mattress allows healthy night sleep. The quality mattress supports the body and keeps it in a right position. It should also provide the necessary back and neck support. Choose the appropriate level of firmness depending on your preferences.

Examine the folded position.

To make sure the sleeper sofa is of high quality, sit on it while it is folded. Check if the cushions are comfortable to sit, as most of the time you will be using it as a coach.

Recast Sofa Bed | Soft Mustard Flower