Small-Space Sofas

Is your room small enough for an ordinary couch, but you need a place to relax and entertain? Then look for a space-saving sofa.

Urban living is in fashion nowadays, small spaces increase its popularity, as they offer the same comfort at low prices. So manufacturers provide great variety of scaled-down furniture pieces. You can easily find a small sofa to fit not large living space, spare room or den.

Trendy apartment-size sofas are designed to accommodate small rooms. Their principal difference in comparison with ordinary or full-size couches is the compact size.

An ordinary couch usually contains three large cushions and bulky thick arms. The small-spaces sofas are designed with two seat cushions and small arms. Another version is the “no arms” design. When the sofa has no massive arms at the ends, it visually expands the space.

The dimensions are too important when buying for a compact sofa. Measure your room carefully to ensure the couch you purchase fit into it.

Below are some amazing small-space sofas to furnish your home with charm and save more valuable space.


Looking for a simple design with no excessive decorative details? Browse these models

Rebecca Wire Sled Two-Seater Sofa | Deep Maroon Camira Wool
Angela Leather Sofa | White
Tiffany Contemporary Sofa | Grey
Martini Sofa | Gray Leather
Varietal Sofa | White
Azure Sofa


Sophisticated armless sofas are a perfect solution for an extra small room.

Hollywood Contemporary Sofa | Black
Artem Sofa | Espresso
Saillon Sofa | Black & Grey
Waverunner Sofa in Brown
Jolie Sofa | Chocolate


I recommend an elegant petite sofa in neutral finishes if you need a classic character in your living room.

Lavelle Melange Tufted Sofa by Michael Amini
Dresden Sofa | Gold
Hollywood Swank Sofa Taupe by Michael Amini
Zaffiro Sofa | Royal Blue
After Eight Sofa by Michael Amini


The unusual small sofa can become a limelight of your home. With unique and remarkable design it sets the tone for your room decor.

Circle Sofa | Red
Harmony Sofa | Turquoise Fabric
Mulligan Sofa | Teal
Divani Casa Stellan Modern Fabric Sofa
Bea Sofa | Pink
Chester Sofa | Blue

Mixed design

A showy combination of materials provides a lovely look ideal for small spaces.

Tuscano Leather Fabric High Back Sofa Brick by Michael Amini
Banstead Sofa | Espresso
Line Sofa Pluto Ivory/Chocolate
Wexford Sofa | Brown
Laverne Sofa | Chocolate