Tips for a Dining Room

Your dining space should reflect your individuality. At the same time it should provide the comfortable space to gather with family and friends.

When considering a layout of your dining room, think carefully about its size and purpose. Would it be a small and cozy place for breakfast or would you hold large dinner parties? Based on your demands and requirements, your space will create a distinct atmosphere.

TIP! The room size determines the overall furniture dimensions and its placement.


Small dining room is a challenge when decorating your space. Luckily you can use various tips to “create” more space and to feel it more spacious.

  • An extendable dining table

Choose a dining table with a removable leaf. Perfect solution for large family gatherings, it can be folded and may serve as a dinette table for breakfasts and between-meal snacks.

TIP! Do not forget about additional dining chairs and its storage. The ideal way is the folding chairs that can be folded and stored in the closet.

  • Armless chairs

To make the room seem less overcrowded use armless dining chairs. Their design offers the best seating experience and adds more space for extra seating.

  • Baker’s/plate rack

Massive buffet or china cabinet takes much space and looks “bulky” in small room. The excellent solution is graceful baker’s rack that stores and displays your china and dishware. It saves more floor space and works as a stylish accent to intensify your room decor.


Large space offers great flexibility when choosing furniture size, its style and additional options.

  • The style of the room

Consider about a style (contemporary, modern, casual, traditional, etc) before purchasing furniture pieces. Decide what fits best your room decor to narrow down the selection of your furnishings and accessories.

  • Table shape

Large dining rooms can accommodate various shapes of dining tables, but the most popular (and convenient) are rectangular and oval.

  • Furniture placement

To arranging your furniture correctly, you should place the dining table in the middle of the room. Another way is to place the table under a lighting fixture. It helps to create the centre of the composition and shows how to arrange and where to place other furniture pieces, from chairs and servers to lighting and decorative elements.

  • Matching furniture with storage

When you have a lot of space, you can use additional furniture pieces for more storage. It can be buffet with hutch, china cabinet, massive server or sideboard. They serve as great storage pieces and contain compartments, drawers and shelves to store china, dishware, silverware and other dining essentials.


Small dining rooms or kitchens are also known as breakfast nooks that provide the minimal space available to create a place for between-meal snacks. Because of it, the seating space and selection of the furniture is limited. Make the space look more spacious with these tips.

  • A pedestal table

Small dinette may require the extra leg space to accommodate up to four or six guests. In that case a round, square or oval pedestal table is an ideal solution.

  • Corner benches and banquettes

To provide more seating space, you can use wraparound bench or banquette at the walls. Look for furniture with additional storage inside to use the maximum of your floor space.

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