Tips & Ideas to Keep the Kids’ Room Organized

If the kid’s room in your home is your nightmare, this article is for you. These smart ideas will help to eliminate clutter and keep your child’s room clean and organized.

1. Make an inventory

The first rule — avoid the clutter! If your children have old or unused toys in their collection, donate or give them to your friends to free the space.

2. Classify

To simplify the process of searching the favorite toy of your child, you can classify all the stuff.

At first group the toys by sort, category and size. Then provide the matching storage for each category of toy. Set aside a place for each kind of toys, and mark them (or add labels with pictures if your young kid still cannot read).

For example, you can use small bins for tin soldiers and building blocks, large baskets or storage ottomans for stuffed toy animals, shelves for magazines and books, etc.

Involve the kids in the classification process! The children take pride in determining where their toys should be placed and how all should be organized.

3. Create a cleaning system

Train your children to be orderly. Let the clean-up become the daily routine for them.

Teach your children to keep and maintain their rooms tidy and organized.

Remind them to put the toys where they should be placed every day. For this purpose place a storage ottomans or baskets not only in kid’s room, but within the home. Then encourage children to put the toys back into the storage bench and take it to their room.

3. Use versatile furniture

A clutter-free bedroom provides a healthy environment for children to study, learn, sleep and play. Thus use functional and convenient furniture in your kid’s space. Versatile bunk beds and loft beds, built-in storage with drawers and trundles, all this saves the valuable floor space.

Versatile Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

Loft beds allow creating a functional and versatile place to sleep and work, while there is a space for games below. Bookcase bunk beds with drawers provide enough storage space for toys and beddings.

4. Use bookcases and armoires

Slim and tall bookcases maximize the room’s space by keeping the floor free. They can be used as perfect storage and display for small items and keepsakes, books, discs and more. Meanwhile, the top shelves can be utilized for infrequently used toys and items.

Wardrobes and armoires, as well tall chests and dressers are versatile furniture pieces that will suit different needs. You can store toys and clothes, linen and bedding all in one place neat and organized.

5. Use vibrant colors and favorite patterns

Do you know that children are drawn to the shapes and bright colors? That’s why their toys, clothes and other kids’ supplies are saturated and vivid.

If you want to make cleaning easier and funnier, choose furniture of vibrant colors and decorated with favorite characters or patterns.