How Much Should America Blame Russia for its Problems?
umair haque

Do you think that one day we will have a World Government? I think it is inevitable. We have the means technologically to do this right now. This is a frightening prospect for many people. It is the unknown. What we do know is a world of nation states some cooperating and others competing and sometimes both at the same time. We have been playing around with the notion of a world government for many decades with the United Nations, formed with the ‘best words’ but precious little substance. Still, it has survived and does some good in the world. It seems to me that the defacto world government, at least for the last three decades has been the US government. I think this because the ‘mighty dollar’ has been dictating to the world economy in that time. What you say about the prey and the predator Umair probably holds true for governments as they are presently constituted, but it is not true of the Russian people nor of the people of the United States of America. Ruthless sociopath’s are a small minority of the human population and we are getting better at recognising them. Yes they do a tremendous amount of damage and we can’t afford to be complacent but the weakness of the sociopath is the narrowness of their vision. We are at a point on the planet where we can look beyond our corrupt governments and look each other in the eye. I like what I see….. we are all the same really!

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