Guilt and Punishment
umair haque

You talk about nations as if they were individuals and I think this is a useful exercise. As I imagine our world of the future, one that has resolved the major issues, where in each nation is valued for its strongest qualities, I think the United States of America will be making as its main contribution to that world a positivity towards advancement, a fearless search for solutions, the ‘can do’ attitude. I think you are right about the guilt. The American swagger was just a bluff. I think they will find a solution, hopefully a profound resolution to their historical wrongs and when they do the rest of the world will follow suit. Yes I think they are the trailblazers. Of course each other nation brings its own indispensable gift to this future world of my imagination. The gifts we bring can also when they’re out of balance become a curse. We here in the rest of the world have to ask ourselves the question ‘how have we contributed to the imbalance in the world?’ Perhaps we have not faced up squarely to our past. Why have we let the United Nations flounder?

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