An Open Letter To The Person Who Robbed My Family
Amanda Mancino-Williams

Your letter was a great release of emotion including suppressed anger. Good on you . A teenage “child” needing drug money broke into our home. took small stuff — my great grandmother’s pearls which her sea faring husband had brought back after a long voyage . He ate, used the washroom ( didn’t flush) and hurt our two small dogs by, we assume, kicking at them . In all likely hood they wanted to make friends . He destroyed the special big front door that is supposed to stop break ins. He simply used a crow bar and ripped the wood frame to bits. Best plans gone totally awry, that was. We sold and moved within months. Like you the drawers open and all my undies tossed left a little fear of possible return . Our kids were older but some of their small treasures were taken .He took all the hanging plants at the front and gave them to his Mum — that’s how he got caught. I saw them . She lived down the road from us. My point — is this. My mother had like you been compassionate in teaching me to see the thiei as a person in need of reevaluating their life. Your kids will still know, we enjoy what we earn and the tough times create strength and inner ccourage. Your kids have your love and stability .And, you forget the emotional whiplash by talking about it but not forgetting the event.

Thank you for sharing — and I love balanced sarcasm. It’s an art.

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