Impress people with science language

A few science/technology terms to drop on people. 5 points for the first person to use all of them in conversation. 20 points if you use them in the same conversation.

1. High-Entropy Alloys

You like steel, right? Then you’re going to love High-Entropy Alloys. Steel makes iron stronger by adding some carbon. Yawn. High-Entropy Alloys blend a whole bunch of metals together on the molecular level to make stronger, lighter materials. There is strength in disorder!

2. Weldonian Genetics

That guy Mendel and his peas get all the glory. Sure genes matter, but genes aren’t destiny. You know that, I know that, and W.F.R Weldon knew that back in 1902. Mr. Weldon said it’s genetics and context (developmental and environmental) that impact what traits we express. Some scientists are annoyed that we continue to teach old-school Mendel, but it just goes to show how a stickier, pithier framework can outlast even the truth.

3. The Brain-Gut Axis

I can’t resist including my hot topic of 2016, the micro biome. So what’s new this week? For folks with IBS, stress is often a trigger. Interesting correlation, but wait, there’s more….cognitive behavioral therapy can help with their gut symptoms and probiotics can help with the mental. It’s “A complicated conversation”, but being good to the citizens of your body can help you feel good. Because we are them. They are us. Namaste.

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