What Makes Co-working Score Over Working From Home& Traditional Workspaces

Working from a traditional workplace and working from home to co-working — work culture has indeed evolved through the years. Currently, co-work appears to be the emerging trend with a large section of millennials favoring it over traditional methods of working and even working from home. With a growing number of freelancers and new-age start-ups looking forward to a healthy and productive work environment, the demand for co-working has shot up quite a few notches in the last couple of years. No wonder, it has turned out to be a raging debate of the 21st century.

According to a global survey initiated by Deskmag, the industry has witnessed a steep rise in growth of 36% between 2014 and 2015, taking the number of global co-working spaces to 7,800. The same survey also predicted the growth of co-working spaces to more than 10,000 in 2016 in countries like Italy, France, Canada, Thailand, Australia and India. Another survey conducted in 2015 indicated that about half a million people operate from co-working spaces, which is a whopping 46% more members than what it had been two years earlier. Undeniably, the concept of co-working is taking offwell!

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Not just start-ups and freelancers, shared spaces offer a myriad of advantages for established organizations as well. Here’s how co-working spaces score over working from home:

Readily Available Infrastructure

The convenience of a shared workspace is unparalleled. In a situation typical to entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for a rented office space, solely finding an office space does not serve the purpose of setting up an office. Rather, it is just the first step towards their plans of setting up an office, following which they would need to arrange for the infrastructure — furniture, desktops/laptops, software, Wi-Fi and electricity, water supply and many other necessities. This proves to be a time-consuming, tedious and nerve-wrecking process as a thorough research to zero in on the right infrastructure at the lowest available cost is necessary for generating the maximum ROI. Furthermore, consistent maintenance and updates for the basic infrastructure is unavoidable to keep the business running seamlessly.

This stands as a stark comparison to co-working spaces that offer end-to-end solutions for a fully-functional office space. This saves entrepreneurs from the hassle of micromanaging every aspect of setting up and maintaining their workspace.

Basic Infrastructure And Much More

The icing on the cake is that most co working spaces usually offer other benefits apart from the basic infrastructures.A coffee/tea machine, cafeteria and other facilities make it an established office space, offering much more than what a new business usually expects with their tight budgets.

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Low Investment That Ensures Greater ROI

A co-work space usually offers a wide array of office space packages to suit the unique needs of businesses. These are usually available at a range that is comparatively lower than the cumulative cost of arranging for an office space, infrastructure and the necessities taken together.

Benefits For Unique Business Needs

Co working spaces are not just for registered businesses that are on the lookout for an office space every day, it usually offers customized options for freelancers as well. What’s more, they offer facilities like video conferencing and conference rooms. For instance, an organization with an office space may choose to opt for video conferencing facilities or a conference room for a meeting with a prestigious client at a vibrant co-working space to add credibility to their business.Business executives travelling for client meetings can hire a space for a few hours for a legitimate office environment that enables connectivity with office colleagues, so it is business as usual.Professionals can opt for these services during exigencies that may arise when their organization is relocating or under unforeseen circumstances, such as power cuts/floods at their workplace.

Boosts Productivity

While work from home may appear like a winner in terms of both infrastructure and investment, it often proves to be a distraction due to unwanted visitors like salesmen ringing your doorbell, children crying or your pet dog running around seeking your attention or looking after the elderly. This often hampers concentration, adversely affecting quality and productivity. Besides, seeing colleagues at work inspires the competitive spirit, further motivating a co-worker to be productive.

Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Co-work creates a professional work environment and a work-life balance that individuals working from home misses out on. Besides, socialising and networking gets a greater push at co-working office spaces than traditional offices because of the myriad of cross vertical businesses that work under the same roof. It breaks down workplace silos, stretches a professional’s horizon, offering more exposure as well as personal and professional enrichment.

Co-working combines the benefits of both working from home and traditional office spaces, making it score over both of them. For a dynamic co-working office space, Awfis is your answer.