18 reasons I spent 18 years criticizing my appearance

Annie Altman
Mar 6 · 1 min read

1. OCD

2. Anxiety

3. Depression

4. A lack of awareness about how a uterus is literally an additional organ inside the abdomen’s of roughly half of all humans

5. A belief that a stomach that does not fold when a whole body folds is a body that exists

6. A belief that any body’s appearance is fixed its entire lifetime

7. A belief that anything in this physical world is fixed, ever

8. Media of all forms (especially advertising)

9. Equating appearance (and perspectives on appearance) with value

10. Equating numerical values with black and white rules, always

11. A belief that I could control my body completely with enough will power

12. A belief that controlling my body could control my entire life

13. A belief that controlling my body could control its inevitable decay (lack of knowledge that fearing death is fearing actually living life)

14. Equating control with peace and happiness

15. A tendency towards being self-critical

16. Ego

17. Privilege

18. Taking this existence way extra seriously

Annie Altman

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